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August 04, 2018 - GruntVegan

Holland & Barrett plan to open new vegan-only stores

Holland & Barrett plan to open new vegan-only stores

The high street health food chain has made the decision to embrace the rising demand for vegan friendly foods and health solutions with the announcement for two new solely plant-based stores in the UK.

Holland & Barrett's CEO Peter Aldis, gave a early reveal of Europe's largest health and wellness retailer intention to further embrace the marketplace for the growing number of vegans last spring in an interview with The Telegraph

"Today there is a trend towards veganism. We are working on a vegan-only store. It is our space and we should be in it." 

Aldis said that "he plans to test two vegan-only stores. They will sell about 1,000 products, including beauty products and foods such as vegan ice cream and sports nutrition powders." 

While Aldis has been at the helm nearly 10 years, his first impression of the chain when he was asked to join as an area manager, was that he "saw it as a retailer for the beans and sandals brigade, but I slowly fell in love with it."

Today, Aldis wants to go more mainstream, attracting as broad an base as possible, citing that research from The Vegan Society that the number of vegans in the UK, who avoid all animal products including dairy and eggs, has grown fourfold in the past 10 years to about 550,000.

On a more personal note, the 53 retail veteran, revealed that his wife is vegan. "Overnight she turned to a vegan diet. She had been listening, and reading, about it from celebrities and internet vloggers. It convinced her to change. "She now has improved energy and a higher level of focus. The amount of people that are engaging in that lifestyle is rising."


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