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October 22, 2019 - SALON

Meat enables a capitalism defined by inequality

Meat enables a capitalism defined by inequality

We have it backwards: cheap meat— easy to prepare, eaten on the go — is innate to our unequal system

In December 2015 I had lunch with an old friend. This was in Philadelphia. We went to a place that served vegan street food. There were kimchi tempeh tacos, sabich stuffed with tofu rather than egg, dandan noodles flavored with shiitake in place of pork. The place was packed. The prices, it need hardly be said, were not what they might have been in Tuxtla, or Baghdad, or Chengdu. Nonetheless, we emerged into the bright sun of an unseasonably warm late autumn day reeking of charcoal, hearts racing and faces flushed from chiles.

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