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vegan news veganism anti-specieisism news animal rights news


August 22, 2019 - Montreal Gazette

CANADA: Inaugural Vegan Film Festival comes to Montreal

CANADA: Inaugural Vegan Film Festival comes to Montreal

Director Shawn Stratton hopes the films make people think about what they're consuming, and the effect their choices are having on Earth.

The Ottawa native and his family became vegan in 2015, when his surgeon wife, former Olympian swimmer Alexandra, began searching for alternative solutions to help with injury recovery while training for a marathon. “Around the same time, we watched a movie called Vegucated,” Stratton said. “That got her thinking, and within a month she decided to try a 30-day vegan challenge. She just went cold turkey one day, and she hasn’t eaten meat since.” For Stratton it was about a month later, we watched Forks Over Knives, another popular documentary in the vegan movement,” he said. “That did it for me. I saw it, realized the health benefits and wondered, ‘Why isn’t everybody (vegan)?’ ”

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