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June 03, 2018 - GruntVegan


"Our Planet, Theirs Too", observes National Animal rights day 2018

The National Animal Rights Day (NARD) is an annual day observed in multiple countries around the world on the first Sunday in June. A listing of events worldwide can be seen here.

Animal rights activists established NARD in New York City in 2011, who came together under the name "Our Planet. Theirs Too". 

Their purpose is to give a voice to all animals and raise awareness for their rights, until such time as all animals are free from enslavement and their rights are established and protected by law.

It starts with a Memorial Ceremony for the billions of animals who die every year by human hands, which often include some of the actual victims, and the reading and signing of The Declaration of Animal Rights

The Declaration of Animal Rights was drafted in May 2011 and publicly read and signed on June 3rd of the same year, on the 1st National Animal Rights Day in the US, in the city of New York.

It was then copied onto a large scroll of paper, and has since been traveling the world and collecting people's signatures, drawings and notes. It is now 100 meters long, with almost 15,000 signatures. 

The first paragraph of the Declaration reads as follows:

"SINCE THE DAWN OF HUMANITY, there remains a group so persistently abused and marginalized, that their suffering is ingrained in our everyday lives. If animals could freely talk, their chorus of cries would drown out every other sound in the world. We are all animals. We are all living, breathing beings who share the same Earth. We all feel pain and suffer when we are hurt or deprived of our lives, our families, our freedom. We all have the right to experience kindness, compassion and dignity. We believe in the kinship of all beings, and the possibility for us to coexist in peace and harmony on planet Earth."

The full Declaration of Animal Rights is posted and available for anyone worldwide to read to sign.

Once it reaches 50,000 signatures, NARD intends to send the scroll to the White House, the UN, The EU Parliament and other world leaders, in order to show them what we, the citizens of this world, think of our fellow animals and their rights.


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